Ventana Benchmark XT, Roche

Reagents suppliers:

  • גאמידור דיאגנוסטיקה בע”מ (1984)
  • אנקו דיאגנוסטיקס בע”מ
  • אלדן ציוד אלקטרוני בע”מ

Reagents types:

  • Ready-to-Use
  • Concentrated
Reagent nameAvailabilityPrice
Actin, SMAIn stock234
Alcian blueThird-party lab234
ALK ProteinIn stock234
Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)Third-party lab234
AmyloidThird-party lab234
Androgen (AR)Third-party lab234
Anti-Estrogen (ER)In stock234
Anti-HER2/neu (Roche)In stock450
Anti-P53In stock234
Anti-P63Out of stock234
Anti-Progesterone (PR)In stock234
BAP-1Third-party lab600
BCL2In stock234
BCL6In stock234
CA125In stock234
CA19-9In stock234
Calponin-1In stock234
CAM5.2Third-party lab234
CD10In stock234
CD117, C-KitIn stock234
CD138/syndecan-1In stock234
CD15In stock234
CD19Out of stock
CD1aThird-party lab234
CD2In stock234
CD20In stock234
CD21In stock234
CD23In stock234
CD3In stock234
CD30In stock234
CD31In stock234
CD34In stock234
CD35In stock234
CD38Third-party lab
CD4In stock234
CD43In stock234
CD45 (LCA)In stock234
CD5In stock
CD56In stock
CD68In stock234
CD71In stock234
CD79-AIn stock234
CD8In stock234
CD99In stock234
CDK4Third-party lab600
CDX-2In stock234
Chromogranin AIn stock234
Congo redThird-party lab
Cyclin D1 (BCL-1)In stock234
Cytokeratin 18 (CK18)In stock
Cytokeratin 19 (CK19)In stock234
Cytokeratin 20 (CK20)In stock234
Cytokeratin 5/6 (CK5/6)In stock234
Cytokeratin 7 (CK7)מעט234
Cytokeratin Cocktail (CK)In stock234
D2-40 (Podoplanin)Third-party lab234
DESMINIn stock234
DOG1Third-party lab234
E-CadherinIn stock234
EMAIn stock234
Epshtein-Barr Virus (EBV)Out of stock234
ERGIn stock234
FerrumThird-party lab234
FLI1Third-party lab234
GATA-3In stock234
GFAPIn stock600
GiemsaIn stock234
Glypican-3Third-party lab234
GramThird-party lab600
H&E (HE)In stock234
HepatocyteIn stock234
HepPar1In stock234
HMB-45In stock234
IgG4Third-party lab600
Inhibin, alphaIn stock600
INI-1In stock234
KappaIn stock234
Ki-67In stock234
LambdaIn stock234
MassonThird-party lab234
MDM2Third-party lab600
Melanoma CocktailIn stock234
MIF4Third-party lab600
MLH-1 (MSI)In stock2500
MSH-2 (MSI)In stock2500
MSH-6 (MSI)In stock2500
MUM1In stock234
Myelo (MPO)In stock234
Myo D1Third-party lab600
MyogeninThird-party lab600
MYOGLOBINIn stock234
MyosinIn stock234
Napsin AThird-party lab234
NeurofilamentIn stock234
NFIn stock234
NKX3.1Third-party lab600
NSEIn stock234
oct3/4Third-party lab600
p16In stock234
P40Out of stock234
P504s (AMACR)In stock234
PASIn stock234
Pas+DIn stock234
PAX-5In stock234
PD-1In stock234
PDL-1 28-8 (Cell Marque)In stock2850
PDL-1 22C3 (Dako)In stock2850
PLAPIn stock234
PMS-2 (MSI)In stock2500
PSAIn stock234
ReticIn stock234
S-100In stock234
SynaptophysinIn stock234
TDTThird-party lab600
TLE1In stock234
TTF-1In stock234
VIMENTINIn stock600
WT1Third-party lab234
ZN (Ziehl-Neelsen)Third-party lab234
Glutamine synthetase (GS)Third-party lab600
IgGThird-party lab600
Hsp70Third-party lab400
TrypsinThird-party lab400