How to prepare materials?

The Histopathology test must be purchased and sent  with specimen, while each specimen and container must be identified separately. On the test requisition please specify the patient’s date of birth, sex, type of the tissue for the test, and clinical information. We accept paraffin blocks, pre-prepared slides, and wet specimens. Samples must be accurately logged, […]


Prime Pathology Cytology Laboratory performs the following tests: General cytology All body fluids Gastrointestinal brushing Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) of superficial and deep seated mass lesions Sputum cytology Gynecological cytology Cervical/vaginal/vulvar smear Impression smear Endometrial smear Bronchial brushings and washings Scrapings cytology – eye, skin, etc. Immunoperoxidase Special stains and ancillary tests