The Histopathology test must be purchased and sent  with specimen, while each specimen and container must be identified separately.

On the test requisition please specify the patient’s date of birth, sex, type of the tissue for the test, and clinical information.

We accept paraffin blocks, pre-prepared slides, and wet specimens.

Samples must be accurately logged, tracked and organized by specialists, in order to guarantee the integrity of the process. All pre-prepared slides and blocks will be returned.

Specimen Handling For Immunohistochemistry (IHC):

Please submit formalin fixed paraffin embedded blocks/4m sections on coated glass slides, preferably one routinely stained H&E section of the block with accurate clinical history and copy of Histopathology report.

You can also submit specimens as for Routine Histopathology.

We also accept unstained FNA smears. For each marker requested 2 smears should be submitted.

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